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Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Moving Experience ... Part II

I am mostly writing this post to be able to release everything that's on my mind and try to relax while things are stable in the present moment. This is night #91 since being stranded in the hotel, and, while trying to remain calm, the anxiety is overwhelming. That magical situation of finding a place that is for rent, a landlord who will respond to inquiries about his ad, transportation to go to see the apartment, a landlord who will show up for the appointment, cash on hand to rent the apartment, and reliable moving help is the most elusive thing. Like. Ever. In the meantime, hotel and storage locker rent eats the cash resources and I have become perpetually stuck.

This is my vacation from school, and I had once again envisioned moving during this period of reduced responsibilities. Can it happen? I don't know. I am now working a little ahead with the homework for the class that starts Monday, because something disruptive can happen, and I want to be ready. I could run out of money and end up on the streets. But, I believe in miracles, especially since my entire moving experience has been a string of one miracle after another and I do believe, to the depths of my being, that my move can be in motion soon.

I have accomplished much since being "location inspecific". I was invited to join an honor society for nontraditional students called, Alpha Sigma Lambda. I aced my cognitive psychology and social media marketing strategy courses. I took these pictures of the insides of my storage lockers when I collected the merchandise and some shipping materials to be able to open my CockADoodleDuds shop on Etsy so I could enter it in a contest. I didn't win but I got a more than average amount of votes, and I am pleased. I sorely miss my Etsy shops and am eager to get all of them open again soon. Some vintage patterns and vintage fabric ended up at the hotel during my botched move, so I am able to prepare them for listing when I reopen. Some Etsy participation is better than none. I also finished knitting a blanket for my teeny camper cot which will be my bed for awhile. Everything you see in the photos above is what I have left from my whole life and I discarded most of my furniture.

I'm going to be very honest. I need immediate help.

My Facebook friend, Ali Shanti, helped me create a generosity fund. You can donate at this link:
The fundraiser will be live until my situation stabilizes.

Because the generosity fund disburses cash intermittently and I have pressing, immediate, everyday needs, donations can be made directly through PayPal. My PayPal e-mail is baisebeige@gmail.com.

If you live in Indianapolis, here is a description, in the form of a Facebook note. It describes what I am looking for in a new home. It is probably not the kind of place that would ever be advertised by any other way than a sign on the property. What have you seen? Please comment on this post and share your lead!

Thank you so much for reading this post. You can also help by sharing it with your social networks, with groups and organizations, and with friends who are in a position to help. On the theme, of helping, just writing this update helps me clear my mind and relax a little. This has, beyond any doubt, been the most challenging situation I have ever faced. But. Still. I am optimistic that I will go home soon, and somehow, life will be even better than before this mess unfolded.

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